Welcome to the SearchBar manual.

This Manual Contains four sections:
SearchBar - MenuBar - Preferences - About

Application - File - Window - Updates

Application Menu:

The Application menu (Entitled SearchBar) provides access for global application settings:

  • About SearchBar: Brings up the About dialog.
  • Check for Updates: See the Updates section.
  • View ReadMe:Brings up the Read Me file.
  • Preferences:Brings up the Preferences panel.

File Menu:

The File menu provides access to generic window related functions:

Window Menu:

The Window menu provides access to SearchBar Palette related functions:

SearchBar Icon:

The SearchBar Icon provides access to the main SearchBar functions, it is very useful when you decide not to show the SearchBar icon in the Dock:

  • Search...: Brings the SearchBar Palette to the foreground and puts the focus in the query field.
  • About SearchBar... : Brings the SearchBar About Box to the foreground.
  • SearchBar Help... : Brings up the SearchBar Help (this manual).
  • Check for Updates...: checks for updates (d'ohhh).
  • View Read Me...: Show the read me file.
  • Preferences...: Brings up the Preferences panel.
  • Engines: Shows the different engines available, selecting one of them will activate it in the SearchBar Palette.
  • Quit SeachBar : Quits SearchBar.

Check for Updates:

Visit Zero G and PowerUpdate.

SearchBar 1.3 (available since SearchBar 1.0) includes the ability to Check for Updates, either manually or automatically (see the Preferences section for more detail on automatic updates). When you choose to Check for Updates, the PowerUpdate Client will be launched and you will be presented with the PowerUpdate wizard that will guide you through the different steps of the Check for Updates.

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