Welcome to the SearchBar manual.

How does SearchBar work ?

All the design behind SearchBar was to make it very very simple to use.
To make a search, just launch SearchBar, choose your search engine, enter your request and press 'enter'.

This Manual Contains four sections:
SearchBar - MenuBar - Preferences - About

How did SearchBar start?
I found myself one day of august spending way too much time just opening my browser, typing 'google' waiting for the page to load, entering the text in the field, and typing enter. So I looked for a search bar on versiontracker (my second favorite search engine after google, even though it serves a different purpose) and couldn't find anything that was quite what I wanted, so I decided to write the SearchBar. The next day I had SearchBar 0.1 (back then called GoogleBar), that could search Google and only Google, then I decided to add versiontracker, and then kept on adding features, and today, several months later, we have over 50 different engines tons of features and thousands of happy users!
Frequently Asked Questions :
- The SearchBar HotKey does not seem to work:
Please make sure that this HotKey is not already used by another application, or by the system (cmd + space is often used to switch between keyboard layouts, other HotKeys are used to enable and disable the accessiblity functions of the system).

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