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[04.24.03] SearchBar Plugin Editor 1.0b1 is available. Download it now!
[04.02.03] SearchBar 1.3 is available. Download it now! (NOTE)
[02.26.03] SearchBar 1.2 is available. (No longer available)
[02.24.03] SearchBar 1.1 is available. (No longer available)
[10.30.02] SearchBar 1.0.1 is available. (No longer available)

Table of Content :
- What is SearchBar?
- What is the Story behind SearchBar?
- How does SearchBar work?
- When did we introduce which features?
- What are we planing to do for the next version?
- Frequently Asked Questions.
- SearchBar Plugin Editor.
- Important note on Windows SearchBar banner window.

safari icon "SearchBar says hello to Safari users."
SearchBar works great with the new web browser from Apple Computer.

What is SearchBar ?

SearchBar is a quick and simple way of accessing all your favorite web based search engines, from one simple floating palette that is always accessible, and can be brought to the foreground with a simple key combination (HotKey).
SearchBar will help you to search the web faster. Instead of launching your browser and then having to enter the website's url, wait for the main page of this website to load, and finally enter the query, you can just enter your query in SearchBar and it will bring you directly to the results page.
SearchBar includes an ever growing number of search engines, and if you would like to see other engines in SearchBar, just drop us a note and we will add it as fast as we can.
english flag french flag SearchBar is available in English and French.
SearchBar is only available for Mac OS X.

SearchBar main windows
SearchBar v1.3 gui. Default palette with flags.

What is the Story behind SearchBar ?

I found myself one day of august spending way too much time just opening my browser, typing 'google' waiting for the page to load, entering the text in the field, and typing enter. So I looked for a search bar on versiontracker (my second favorite search engine after google, even though it serves a different purpose) and couldn't find anything that was quite what I wanted, so I decided to write the SearchBar. The next day I had SearchBar 0.1 (back then called GoogleBar), that could search Google and only Google, then I decided to add versiontracker, and then kept on adding features, and today, three months later, we have over 20 different engines!

How does SearchBar work ?

All the design behind SearchBar was to make it very very simple to use.
Be sure to understand how SearchBar is simple to use : SearchBar manual.

When did we introduce what features ?
For the most up to date History of SearchBar please take a look at the ReadMe File in SearchBar (SearchBar Menu: View Read Me...)
Access the complete SearchBar version history : SearchBar history.

NOTE: the check for updates feature of SearchBar does not work if you have installed Java 1.4, please if you have installed Java 1.4, download SearchBar manually.

What are we planing to do for the next version ?

- Publish the Search Engine Plugin SDK to allow you to develop your own plugins
- Add new Search Engine Plugins for other sites
- more more more search engines
- internationalize in other languages (if you can and want to do it, let me know)
- allow user to set how many old searches to save, and also reorder the searches if you type the same one again (put it back at the top)
- add an option to check for availability of new plugins on the website (independently of SearchBar updates
- add a way for you to upload engines to the website and make them available for download to the SearchBar community
- convert more engines to the new xml format (for size optimization)

Like always, if you would like to see a feature added to SearchBar, feel free to contact us:

Frequently Asked Questions :

- The SearchBar HotKey does not seem to work:
Please make sure that this HotKey is not already used by another application, or by the system (cmd + space is often used to switch between keyboard layouts, other HotKeys are used to enable and disable the accessiblity functions of the system).

SearchBar Plugin Editor:

The all new SearchBar Plugin Editor allows you to quickly and easily create new plugins for SearchBar. Once you have created a new plugin for your favorite search engine, you can submit it to us and we will post it on the plugins page. With your authorization your plugins could be added to the next version of SearchBar.

Contact us :

If you are interested, or if you want more info about SearchBar, email us ! And if you want to submit cool ideas for this cool App, go ahead and send us an email at:

Microsoft Windows SearchBar popups :

It has come to our attention (through a large number of emails) that a virus with a name similar to Pomm'Soft's SearchBar is affecting
MS Windows users. We would like to guarantee you that Pomm'Soft has absolutely nothing to do with this virus. Pomm'Soft does not currently offer any MS Windows compatible application, and has no plans to do so. SearchBar is a Mac OS X only product and can absolutely not be affecting your MS Windows machine.
For more info on this issue, please refer to this websites:
Legal Notice: Pomm'Soft does not endorse the contents of these websites and does not make any warranty on any of their content.

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